How to use the ChatBox on your Site...

Put this onto your startpage please:
<!---CUT HERE --->

<!---CUT HERE--->

This code goes into your chatpage:
<!---CUT HERE --->
<param name="Language" value="english">
<param name="Channel" value="#ChannelName">
<param name="FontSize" value="14">
<param name="ABackColor" value="00008080">
<param name="TBackColor" value="00FFFFFF">
<param name="TForeColor" value="00000000">
<param name="ScrollColor" value="00FFFFFF">
Use a Java-enabled Browser to Chat!!!
</applet><br><a href="" target="_new"></a>
<!---CUT HERE--->

Adjust the "Channel" parameter to choose the Channelname you want to use for your Chat. Just replace the #ChannelName with #WhatEverYouWant (Do not use Spaces in it).
Use a Hexadezimal Long for the Color-Settings.
Color Settings:
ABackColor = Applet Backcolor
TBackColor = Text Backcolor
TForeColor = Textcolor
ScrollColor = Scroller Color

Different languages available! Currently you can choose from this Languages:

Parameter Value for Language Translator
english Michael (Leahcim) Lantzen
deutsch_du Michael (Leahcim) Lantzen
deutsch_sie Michael (Leahcim) Lantzen
portuguese Miguel Angelo Pandini (
norwegian Lars Alexander Jakobsen (
french Jocelyne Benoit (
dansk Ole Gabrielsen (
spanish Alejandro Figar (
indonesia Enrico Elizar Samuel (
italian Luigi Borghesi (
chinese Eric Kao (
rusian Vladimir Azeev (
finnish ??? Please Email me, i lost your Name!
swedish Jerker Dammbro (
dutch Wilbert Scheer (
turkish Ahmet Emre (

If you want to translate the text into another language, feel free to mail me the translation of english.lang. Please leave the words left to the | as they are. Only translate the words right from the |