04/29/2003 Picture upload is functioning again. You can see the Pictures of chatters with a green square with the BCard function in the chat.
04/22/2003Most Webmasters do not implement the Chatzone-Button on the homepage. Therefore i track the usage of the Chatzone-Button now. If it is not on the homepage after 1 week the chatroom will be deleted or the userlimit will be lowered. At the same time i think about some goody for the webmasters who use the button, this will probably be a linklist from www.chatzone.de.
02/08/2003After the PayPal donations experiment failed (2 donations in over 1 year), i decided to put banners in the chat we will see how that works out.
01/16/2003New Chatzone.de design goes online. Most of the functions are restored. I am working on minor design things and the picture upload.
01/01/2003HD-crash in the Server. Working on getting everything up again. :-\